Yellow Ribbon Project

KUTO’s Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP) is an outreach effort promoting peer-facilitated suicide prevention and intervention education. YRP encourages students to take initiative in promoting awareness on their campus of the warning signals and intervention strategies that can prevent or reduce the risk of suicide.

Partner schools are provided educational information, promotional materials, KUTO Crisis Helpline wallet cards and yellow ribbons. Student affix the ribbons to the cards and organize activities where the yellow ribbon cards can be distributed to their peers. At the same time, morning announcements are made, informational posters and flyers are displayed and students are encouraged to wear their ribbons as visual recognition that they support suicide prevention activities.

The core messages of YRP are:

  • Adolescent suicide is a very real community health issue
  • Anyone can prevent a suicide by learning the warning signs and interventions
  • You don’t have to be a counselor, you just need to be aware of the warning signals
  • Wear a yellow ribbon as a symbol that you care about your friends and are aware that SUICIDE IS PREVENTABLE!

This is an excellent service learning project for a SADD or TREND chapter, peer mediator group, Student Council or health class to coordinate. Quantities of KUTO Helpline cards, cut ribbon, flyers and promotional materials are supplied by KUTO.

There is NO COST to become a YRP Partner School.

To register your school or request more information about YRP, send us an email.