Winning with Wellness

Winning With Wellness (WWW) is a service learning project where students identify critical health issues at their school, research resolutions, and work collaboratively to design projects where students are able to encourage and direct change.

WWW broadly addresses six general health related categories:

  • Chemical-Free Living: a conscious and educated choice to not condone or persuade the use of chemicals of any form, including, but not limited to, alcohol, manufactured and/or pharmaceutical drugs, or tobacco
  • Environment: promoting responsible consumption of all natural resources and encouraging greater acceptance of the “reduce, re-use and recycle” way of life
  • Nutrition: awareness of the importance of following a healthy and balanced diet to enhance present and future health
  • Physical Activity: recognition of the importance of physical activity and fitness
  • Positive Self-Concept: an appreciation of who you are and how a positive sense of self influences all aspects of your life
  • Safety: assuring an informed and secure community

WWW promotes health and wellness as shared responsibilities; individuals, families, community leaders, service organizations, schools and students themselves need to actively encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

The Value of WWW

“Wellness” is the condition of physical, mental and emotional well-being. Individual and community wellness can be enhanced through awareness and educational programs designed to discourage behaviors and conditions that might negatively effect the well-being of students.

Realizing that health and wellness choices made today can and do impact future well-being serves as both preventative and protective factors. Many life-threatening illnesses such as lung cancer, kidney or liver disease, and suicide can be greatly reduced by making informed decisions with regard to smoking, drinking alcohol, or learning the warning signs of depression. Developing positive self-esteem, respect for healthy relationships, and an appreciation for a clean and safe environment improves both individual and community livelihood. WWW unites health education with peer mentoring and learning in a program that facilitates “teens helping teens become winners in wellness.”

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