Saving Our Students

The growing realization that depression and mental health issues can have a negative impact on students led to the formation of Saving Our Students (SOS). This student-led initiative promotes KUTO’s philosophy of “teens helping teens help themselves.”

The mission of SOS is to inform and support student groups on depression education, suicide prevention and mental health issues. Student efforts focus on the reduction of stigma around mental illness, prevention of depression and its ill effects and helping young people find the strength to make positive change in their community through education and peer support.

SOS is designed to be an open chapter or group, allowing all students the option to participate in activities. Student members and adult sponsors work together to build their group through recruitment, team building and leadership activities, program and event planning and evaluation. KUTO hosts a SOS conference at the beginning of the school year; chapters are active through the academic year.

To request information on how to bring Saving Our Students to your campus, send us an email.