April 22, 2013

 – this is a message from KUTO’s great friend Michelle Hall, an amazing advocate for mental wellness & reducing suicide.
“With suicide awareness, you don’t always know when a life is saved from the information that the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I held the first 2 fundraisers in St Louis. And I had my children involved in everything in making it a success. I became ill, and the torch was past on to amazing people.
I write today because of the signs to look for in someone in trouble, not only to recognize the signs, but information on what you should to. It works, or at least today it did. My son saw signs in one of his close friends. He drove to his house, with no answer. My son without questioning what to do, called 911, and waited to make sure his friend was fine. His friend is safe, and getting help. I am so proud of my son, my hero…. and a true best friend.
AFSP works, keep spreading the message, keep raising funds… stop the stigma. A beautiful life was saved.. with the work each of you do, I hope you remain courages to keep the message going. I’m grateful to know you, learn from you, and mostly admire you all in the field of suicide prevention.”
April 21, 2013

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